Dedicado a los hombres salvadoreños

Some context: El Salvador has draconian laws regarding abortions. They are not only outlawed, women are given 20+ year sentences for miscarrying. This past week, a young woman named Evelyn, who was sexually assaulted and became pregnant as a result, was tried and convicted to 30 years for miscarrying. So naturally, rather than be allies, Salvadoran men on social media are quick condemn this young woman and silence and humiliate women who are defending the basic human rights of all Salvadoran women. Sigh.


Dedicado a todos los hombres salvadoreños que creen tener derecho sobre los cuerpos de las mujeres, y los cobardes quienes callan y humillan a las mujeres por defender sus derechos.

Somos una mierda, nosotros los hombres guanacos.


Dedicated to all the Salvadoran men who feel they have a right over the bodies of women, and the cowardly men who silence and humiliate women for defending their rights.

We, Salvadoran men, are shit.


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