On Fidel…

It is rather unfortunate that a lot of “progressive” “radical” and “Leftist” folx would prefer to believe that their hypermasculine Marxist superhero had no blemishes. This to me is not only historically dishonest, but also hypocritical. What kind of a Left can claim to lead the world to liberation, when it can’t even acknowledge and hold responsible the deeds of its revolutionary father figures?

Yes, Fidel Castro was a homophobe.
Yes, Pablo Neruda was a rapist.
Yes, MANY revolutionary comrades were misogynist pigs.

If we are to advance as societies, then we have to stop being children and pretending like our heroes are gods. We have to mature and learn to face the truth no matter how discomforting it is, to embrace feeling contradictory emotions, and being able to express complex opinions.

The way that Fidel Castro is being “protected” is the same way that ALL cishetero men have been protected since time immemorial.

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