The Greatest Generation

Sure, one could make the argument that the so-called Greatest Generation fought valiantly and sacrificed enormously to defeat fascism in Europe, and that their descendants deciding on masse to vote for the same white supremacist, jingoistic, and ultra xenophobic fascists as the Nazis is a betrayal all those who died during WWII.

And sure, one could argue that this is all so ironic, except it isn’t. The morals and values of American white people during WWII weren’t all that disimilar from their German counterparts. Hell, American white supremacy during the first half of the 20th century is pretty much the cousin to Nazism. The South was heavily segregated, Black folx were still being lynched, anti-semitism was at its height, Mexicans were getting beaten on the streets, Asian communities were looked on with suspicion, the Japanese were forced into concentration camps, and bands of whites roamed looking for people of color to murder. And that’s just scratching the surface.

America’s involvement in WWII was not to defeat the evils of fascism, but to eliminate and weaken all its economic competitors: Germany, the British Empire, and the Soviet Union. And yet, through WWII propaganda, the U.S. engineered the myth of America as the righteous nation of god and freedom, and the white American male as its champion. It is this white supremacist fantasy that forms the baseline that modern white supremacy aspires to.

Sure, one can argue that #notallwhitepeople who voted for Trump are white supremacists, but when they aspire to white supremacist values, what does that make them?

Just a continuum of white supremacy.

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