TIME Person of the Year?

In her article, “For Central America, This Means War,” Virginia Lemus stated the following:

“The criminal migrants Trump speaks of, and of whom he referred to as Mexicans in the first place, arrive at the U.S. illegally; they rob, rape, and murder—actions which the Mexican and Mexican-American population recognize as characteristic of the gangbanger, the one who is fundamentally Guatemalan, Honduran, or Salvadoran. They are the criminals. Trump was mistaken from the beginning because, comprehensively, to him everything that is between the southern border of the U.S. and the South Pole is Mexico. Begging your pardon, the criminals are Central American, not the sacrificed, noble, and dignified Mexican compatriots of Peña Nieto.”

As Lemus predicted, the close relationship between Donald Trump and Enrique Peña Nieto means that Central American migrants will become the convenient scapegoat.


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