(Un)Acceptable White Supremacy + Update

Originally posted August 18, 2017

Nazis are the ultimate “Get Out of Jail, Free” card for whiteness. The presence of Nazis and other forms of blatant white supremacy allows white people to construct a false separation between themselves and explicit white supremacy, allowing the “good” white people to return comfortably to an implicitly white supremacist system that oppresses people of color through its laws and institutions.

Don’t be fooled! One white supremacist killed one person with his car in Charlottesville, but the American flag has murdered millions domestically and globally.

Update to Clarify Usage of “Judeo-Christianity ” posted August 22, 2017

Greetings followers of Dichos de un bicho & new visitors,

Thank you all for making the “(Un)Acceptable White Supremacy” a viral success! While I fully expected some white Americans to take exception with the cartoon, particularly because it highlights the hypocritical foundations of the U.S. nation-state, I was also surprised to see that some members of the online community felt that the inclusion of “Judeo-Christianity” in the column of “Acceptable White Supremacy” was somehow promoting antisemitism. That is NOT the case. I included “Judeo-Christianity” because it is an ideological and propagandist tool of the U.S. nation-state that functions in conjunction with its foreign policy.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, Judeo-Christianity, in particular, the concept of “Judeo-Christian values,” it came to prominence in the 1930s with the rise of fascism and Nazism in Europe. Judeo-Christianity represented the “wholesomeness” of Bible-based American values: family, freedom, and most importantly, American democracy–precisely the values that Nazism aimed to destroy. In the post-WWII era of rapid American economic expansionism, Judeo-Christian values were co-opted by the American nation-state because they were conceptually easy to identify with by the white Protestant majority who were antagonistic to the atheism of Communism. In short, Judeo-Christian values operated as effective tools for capitalist America in the Cold War. It was in the late 1970s and 80s when Judeo-Christian values were finally absorbed into the political ideology and rhetoric of the evangelical right-wing. “Judeo-Christianity” forms the foundation of all the regressive, misogynist, homophobic, and white supremacist values which are the backbone of the evangelical right-wing.

There is no doubt that Judeo-Christianity is a white supremacist Christian construct. And it makes total sense that some members of the Jewish community feel offended by having a precious belief system and culture in any way affiliated with white Christianity and supremacy. As a person of color, I totally understand given that this has been experience of much of the colonized world–having our most beloved and cherished beliefs co-opted, usurped, appropriated and then regurgitated by white supremacy in the most monstrous of ways.

In the last four decades, as U.S. and European economic and military incursions into the Middle East have escalated, driven of course by capitalist expropriation and control of natural resources, Judeo-Christianity (and all the values associated with it) has functioned as the moralistic imperative to justify the invasion, bombing, and continued occupation of an entire region. The imperialist powers have utilized Judeo-Christianity as mass cultural warfare to vilify and demonize Islam, Muslims, Arabs, and the entire Middle East, to exclude them from the construct of Western civilization as well as to evict whole swaths of people from the very concept of humanity.

So yes, Judeo-Christianity, as an engineered representation of the moral values of the United States of America is by default white supremacist ideology and that is how it is employed in this meme.

My apologies for not clarifying the term Judeo-Christianity and making clear distinctions between its use by the U.S. nation-state and Judaism and the Jewish community.

For more information these are some good resources:

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