We All Knew It

As Central Americans, we all knew that this was going to happen. Because it’s always the same story. Central Americans and the Caribbean are at the bottom of the priority barrel. But let’s look at some numbers:

Of the 800,000 DACA recipients, almost 70% are of Mexican origin. Central Americans comprise less than 10%. So of course, this campaign gets all the attention, especially when the migrants in question are young, plucky, and Americanized.

But in the 325,000 cases of Temporary Protected Status (TPS), 60% are Salvadoran, 17% Honduran, and 15% Haitian. Most of these recipients are older migrants who are less marketable. And as we have recently seen, 2,500 of our Nicaraguan siblings have been stripped of this protection are expected to self-deport.

No, this is not to say that one migrant is more worthy of refuge than another, This is to say that ALL migrants and refugees have a human right to live in peace, safety, and dignity, no matter where they come from. DEFEND TPS!

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