Why the Capitalist Fat Cats Keep Winning

A few days ago, Jacobin Magazine released a rather well-balanced and fair article (linked below) about the rise of Hugo Chávez and the historical and economic conditions that led to the present situation in Venezuela. The article discusses both Chávez’s achievements as well as his mistakes.

One would think that such an article would at least open up the avenues of critical and dialectic discourse… but nope. As expected, many a leftist and Chavista lambasted Jacobin Magazine as being “reactionary.”

The grand irony is that worldwide capitalism spent the whole 20th century advancing and evolving like the virus that it is. Capitalism has LEARNED from its own mistakes. It’s a monster that thinks, analyzes, and devises new methods of control.

Meanwhile, the primary force of opposition to capitalism is like a cishetero man, incapable of admitting that he may have screwed up.. because he has to front the hypermasculine Marxist revolutionary hero to the world.


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