Otro Cielo

For past couple of weeks, I’ve had the tremendous pleasure of reading Prudencia Ayala’s “Inmortales amores de loca,” printed in San Salvador in 1925, While Ayala is renowned as feminist ground breaker and political thinker, not only in El Salvador, but throughout Latin America, what is not always discussed is her unsurpassed imagination, deep spirituality, and the transcendental nature of her writing. So one passage in particular caught my fancy and I have interpreted visually as best I can. Translation below:

“I want to bind my life with the sensitive beings and be lost in them as a singular love, in a single idea that saves man from wrongness.

Where are the ones who loved me? They dwell in eternity!

My spirit is bohemian, it dreams in journeys to reach its longing of knowing the cloudscapes of another heaven, and leave my remains faraway from the cradle that rocked my infancy.”

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