Where did all the Latinxs go?

Happy Sunday beautiful people! Some food for thought for today.

While many of us feel a sense of disappointment at the almost complete silence of Trump not only insulting Central Americans, but basically threatening to finish us, the Latinx based news and entertainment organizations are also at fault here. When Donald Trump called Mexicans similar epithets at a press conference, what followed canonly described as enraged pandemonium… and that was in large part due to the news organizations giving that story wall-to-wall coverage.

But let’s think in terms of economics. There are presently 34 MILLION Mexicans living in the U.S. That is not only an sizable population but it’s a market share with tremendous purchasing power. When the forthcoming President of the U.S. insulted Mexicans in 2015, the major Latinx networks saw that as a ratings boom and reaped enormous benefits not only in viewership, but advertising.

There are approx. 4 MILLION Central Americans in the U.S.. We don’t have the same purchase power. Our stories don’t generate revenue, which is why they get buried in the back pages as “human interest stories,” or we get featured in a sensationalist way on Primer Impacto.

Regardless, there is still an issue of journalistic integrity and a duty to report some semblance of the truth. All the Latinx media organizations that love to expound on “violent Central American gangs,” or the “trendiest pupusas” couldn’t even find time and space to report the threat of annihilation from the forthcoming president of the U.S. For shame!

Major props to Latina Rebels as probably the ONLY Latinx media outlet to report on this issue. <3

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